Ready to write what matters?

You know that writing belongs in your life.

But the timing is never quite right. Sure, you can wait until inspiration strikes, until you know for certain that you have something to say, until your schedule magically clears and your dog stops barking and the dishes are out of the sink. 

Or you can write what matters, today. Now. Starting this very moment.    

This short-and-sweet workbook will walk you through the three key questions to kickstarting a meaningful, fulfilling, and sustainable writing practice.

By the end, you'll know why you feel compelled to write, you'll understand the emotional and mental blocks that have kept you silent, and you'll see how you can incorporate writing into your daily life.

I stand behind this method because it's worked for me. Answering these three questions has helped me find my voice and build a meaningful writing practice—even during the hardest times of my life.  

So let's do this. Let's write what matters.